VGA Male to HDMI Female Converter Adapter 1080P Stereo Audio Output New

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VGA Male to HDMI Female Converter Adapter 1080P Stereo Audio Output New


* 100% Brand New & High Quality

* Designed for HDMI display device, VGA to HDMI adapter converts both VGA signal and audio signal to HDMI signal, makes it possible to share your video/audio/data from VGA-ports-only computers or old-styled devices to any HDMI-equipped devices like HDTVs, monitors, desktop computers, laptops, DVDs, Set TOP Box, projectors etc..

* Powerful Performance: The VGA male to HDMI female converter support VGA input resolution from 800*600@60Hz to 1920*1080@60Hz for PC. Support HDMI Output resolution up 720P/1080i/1080P 60Hz for HDTV/Projector/Monitor.Work with PC, laptop, TV,TV-Box and other VGA output devices. HDMI port can be connected to projectors, HDTV, monitors/Displayer and other device with HDMI port. Compatible with Win 7, Win 8, win10 operation system.

* Plug and Play: No driver needed, easy to use, fast, convenient and compact. Aluminum alloy case and gold-plated HDMI interface, high wear & corrosion resistance, stable and durable for HD data transmission.

* You Need to Connect Both Video and Audio Signals from Your Computer to Your TV /Monitor.

* Connect 3.5mm Audio Cable to the converter for Audio Input Connection.

* Connect USB to Micro USB Cable to the converter for Power Supply for HDMI output.

* Connect your VGA to HDMI adapter to your computer.

* Connect your TV/Monitor with your own HDMI cable to the HDMI output on the converter.


* Input Ports : 1 x VGA Male, 1 x 3.5mm Audio Male, 1 x USB to Micro USB power

* Output Ports : 1 x HDMI (Upto 1920x1080 60hz)

* Note: This is not a bi-directional adapter. It only supports VGA to HDMI conversion.

Package Contents

* 1x VGA to HDMI converter with Audio cable

* 1x USB power cable