Sheepskin Lambskin Pillow Cover 45cm Home Decor Bed Sofa Fluffy

Manufacturer: Austroc Sheepskin
Old price: $65.00

Thanks to the wool’s natural qualities,This Sheepskin Pillow stays cool and dry in the summer and warm
in the winter.


* The perfect cozy, soft and stylish sheepskin offers luxurious ultra-soft comfort and easy-to-design styling.

* 100% Sheepskin, Suede backing

* Sheepskin Wool Material

* Adds texture to any room

* Naturally insulating

* Cool in summer; warm in winter

* 100% AUS/NZ sheepskin/Lambskin

* Dry clean Recommend


1. Color may vary a little bit as this is natural product.

2. No Inserts included. 45cm inserts widely avaliable in Local BIg W/K mart.


* Square 45cm 
* Wool Pile:5 cm +

* Colour: Ivory

Package Contents

* 1 x Sheepskin Pillow Cover