Magnetic Gas Level Indicator Gas Bottle BBQ Camping Outdoor Gas Bottle Magnet

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This product will actually show you when your gas is low, before you run out! Best of all, it works automatically, while you grill.


Magnetic on bottle

Reliable, reusable and accurate

Don't run out of gas while cooking

Winter and Summer readings

Size: 10*6.3cm

Material:  Magnet


1. Apply Gas Level Indicator near the bottom of your tank, out of direct sunlight. The magnetic backing will adhere to the tank automatically.
2. Turn on the gas. The Gas Level Indicator works when the gas is on and you are grilling. Wait 2-5 minutes.
3. Read the level

a. When tank is full and the gas level is above the GLI, no level will be shown. This is normal.
b. When the gas falls within the range of the GLI, the color will change in at least one of the bars as

c. Under certain conditions, more than one bar may change color. The level is shown where the leftmost bar changes color.

Package Contents

Gas Level magnet *1