Kids Baby Infant Forehead Thermometer Strip Fever Check Test Temperature


Quickly measure
No mercury
Pocket size
Easy to carry
For Travel or at home
Can be used continually
Won't effect babies' sleep
Easy to Travel with

Temperature Range: 35C ~ 40C No batteries required, Unbreakable, compressible, bendable. Easy to use, stick or put on the baby's forehead.
Get the result in a short time (20 seconds).Non mercury, non-toxic, safe for health and environment. Pocket size, can be used at home or traveling. The parents can monitor babies' body temperature continually, and won't effect babies' sleep. How to use theForehead Thermometer: Hold the thermometer firmly at both ends and press flat against the middle of a dry forehead. Hold in place for at least 20 seconds. Read the thermometer while it is on the forehead. (Use a mirror to read the thermometer on yourself). Look at the boxes and check the colour. Green indicates the correct temperature.If the only colours showing are blue and tan the temperature is between the two.

NOTE: Please use it at room temperature (15C-30C). Do not put it under the sunlight for a long time. Please do not use it within 30 minutes after meal, drinking and activity.
Before using, keep the baby's forehead dry.

Package content:

Forehead Strip Head Thermometer *1pcs/5pcs/20pcs