Bicycle Bike Rear Signal Light Wireless Indicator LED Bike Rear Tail + Remote Control

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USB rechargeable bicycle taillight and auto cut off when fully charged.
internal lithium battery,only need about 2 hours to be fully charged
4 modes:Long Bright,slow flash,flash in order and strobe.
Super waterproof,make you riding freely regardless of rain.
High brightness and energy saving LED.
Product Name: Bicycle Tail Light
Material: ABS
Color:Red and Black
Mode: brake warning, turn signal
Waterproof rating: IPX-4
Battery capacity: 500Mah lithium battery

Charging method: USB charging
Charging time: 1 hour
Voltage: 3.7V
Light color: red light, turn to yellow light
Main lamp function control:
Click: the main lamp is on and enters the long-term lighting mode.
Click again to enter slow blink mode.
Click again to enter flash mode.
Finally, click it to turn off the main light
Left button: click, the left turn signal lamp flashes 5 times
Right button: click, the right turn signal lamp flashes 5 times
Package Contents:
1x Rear Signal light
1x remote control,
1x Turn signal holder,
1x remote control mount,
2x silicone straps,
1x USB charging cable

1X ManualĀ