About us


After 7 years operating our local retail store in Vermont VIC, JJMall has now expanded our business and become an online e-commerce shopping mall for essential computer and electronic accessories, sheepskin related products and other home and living products. Our company goal is to provide the best quality at a very competitive price which providing great value to our clients.

JJMall Australia is 100% Australian Owned and operated with a focus on supporting local clients and customer. Also, with our team based in Melbourne, you can rest assure you will have the support require locally.

Our Products
Our main products are Sheepskin related products, Electronic Accessories, Home Brewing Accessories and Wine Accessories including for devices connection solutions and all kinds of home brewing tools. JJMall Australia is distinguished by its value of price, innovative features, manufacturing qualities, functionality and design.

Our Service
The high quality standard in the manufacturing of our products is the basis for satisfied customers and a low amount of complaints and returned goods. It is important for us to deliver the satisfaction and fast fulfilment service to our loyal customers. Our customer service has worked hard to ensure we build the trust, confidence and certainty for our customers.