Whisky Glass Scotch Bourbon Japaneses hibki Hakushu Yamazaki Single malt Tasting Set 6 Pack

Manufacturer: Deakin Brothers
Old price: $69.99

Considered the "official whisky glass" by the whisky experts
Comfortable in the hand, it has a full bowl that tapers at the rim to enhance color, body, aroma, taste, and finish
Made to appreciate whiskies, the name speaks for itself with the Perfect Dram Whisky Glass.
The rounded bowl gives plenty of room for swirling your spirit, while the narrowed rim directs aromas towards the nose. The copita shape glass sits on top of a bold solid glass stem for a comfortable hold and Design for Whisky Tasting

Machine made from fine lead-free crystal
Size: 173ml / 12cm Height 
Dishwasher safe - hand wash recommended
Tulip copita shape

Package Contents:
6* 173ml Whisky glass