Set of 4 Vacuum Wine Stoppers /Pump not included

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Wine  stopper is perfect for preserving your wine if you don’t finish the bottle. Once wine has been opened, it is important to preserve it properly so as to enjoy the rest of the bottle another day. Don’t let your valuable wine spoil by over expose to oxygen. Pump stopper preserves wine by removing air from inside an opened bottle, then tightly sealing it using a durable stopper. By simply placing a stopper in the bottle and pumping several times, the wine is sealed and ready for storage. It’s so easy to do and you’ll appreciate the results.


* Easy to use and perfect fit for most still wine, not for bubble.

* Preserves wine by remove air

* Better works with pump

* Washable (by hand or in a dishwasher) and reusable


Material: Rubber

Color: Black

Weight: 12g Each Stopper

Package Contents:

4* Wine Stopper