Samos Kangaroo Skin Hide Extra Large Australian Gift Idea Rug Indoor Made in Australia

Manufacturer: SAMOS
Old price: $139.00

Kangaroo - icon of Australia. Kangaroo skin such a popular souvenir to overseas visitors. Best gift to oversea friends.

*Experience the softness and strength of the Australian Kangaroo Skins.
*All skins are first grade quality, come in the Red/ Grey Kangaroo colours.
*Kangaroo skin can use as floor rugs, wall hangings and as a feature piece draped over lounges.
*Rawskin: Winter fur selection,First grade, no holes,no burrs.

Color: Assorted color
Material: Kangaroo skin
Size: Approx.180cm*95cm

All measurements above are approximate as these are a natural product and sizes do vary slightly. Measurements include the tail.

Package Contents:
1* Kangaroo skin