Australian Sheepskin Lambskin Rug Fluffy LongWool Patchwork LARGE

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Manufacturer: Austroc Sheepskin
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A beautiful soft sheepskin rug from Australian and New Zealand Sheep/Lamb. Luxuriously Soft and dense rug. Each rug will be uniquely different in its colours and sizes.These are natural products which vary slightly in both size and colour.


* The perfect cozy, soft and stylish sheepskin shag rug offers luxurious ultra-soft comfort and easy-to-design styling.

* 100% Sheepskin Rug

* Sheepskin Wool Material

* Adds texture to any room

* Naturally insulating

* Cool in summer; warm in winter

* 100% AUS/NZ sheepskin/Lambskin

* Dry clean Recommend


1. Color may vary a little bit as this is natural product

2. Size about 5cm Variance in length

3. up to 3 patchworks on skin side


* Length: 85CM+

* Width:50cm +

* Wool Pile:5cm +

* Colour: White

* Weight: 500g to 1000g

Package Contents

* 1 x Sheepskin Rug