Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mat up to 1500pcs -

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This jigsaw puzzle roll/mat is ideal for puzzlers who dont want to complete their puzzle in one go and store it before finishing the puzzle. Make your jigsaw puzzle on the felt mat and when you want to stop, simply pull open the telescopic tube, roll and store.

The portable has a high quality felt that holds the puzzle pieces in place. Using jigsaw puzzles is more convenient. Don't worry about getting disperse.
Grey Color,easy sorting and contrast without any color confusion.
It is convenient to store the unfinished jigsaw puzzle.Take it outside easily at any time.Moving the unfinished jigsaw anywhere and anywhere.
Three elastic bands for secure hold inflate the tube and roll the mat, tie two ends with elastic bands for safe storage and keep it in a little space.

Dimension:117*66cm 1500pcs

Package Contents:
1*Felt Mat
1*Inflatable Tube
1*Air Pump
3*Elastic Bands
1*Storage Bag
Puzzle is not included.