Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bottle Opener Presecco Moscato Housewarming Party Wedding Birthday Gift

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A toast to having more toasts! Ideal tool to keep around whenever you need to pop a bottle quickly and easily! With its unique design and durable construction, you will find that this compact little device is the perfect accessory for parties and celebrations.


* EFFORTLESS DESIGN: offers a firm grip and smooth handling. It's the easiest way to open a sparkling bottle.

* A LIFETIME OF UTILITY: With a solid stainless steel and durable construction, you will easily uncork champagne and sparkling wine bottles with the utmost ease for many, many years.

* PREVENTS ACCIDENTS AND SPILLAGES: Don’t worry flying corks hitting anyone in the eye, breaking glasses or doing other damage. The cork pops out right into the palm of your hand.

User Instruction:

* Simply press the opener over the cork, give it a little twist back and forth and the cork will pop out into your hand without fuss or fanfare. Absolutely no strength needed.


* Dimension: 50*50*50mm.

* Material: Stainless Steel.

* Weight: 100g.

Package Contents

* 1x Champange Opener