5 X Grow Bags 10 Gallon Potato Bags Fabric Planting Pots Heavy Duty Nonwoven Container for Sweet Potato Carrot Onion

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【USE ANYWHERE】able to grow plants in places which were previously considered unusable, such as in rented yards or even small apartment balconies.These can make a centerpiece and talking point if using inside or in a small courtyard or balcony.
【NO MORE OVERWATERING】The potato grow bags are breathable which means that it is really hard to over water your plants,as the excess water easily drains out and the air circulation through the bag itself dries the soil in contact with the bag. The soil dries out faster in a grow bag than a standard pot meaning they are great for plants that need free draining soil!
【HEALTHIER ROOTS】Improved overall root health. As the plant roots become established in the bag, their sensitivity to heat and moisture naturally begin the process of “air pruning.” Simply, this process allows the plant to create a more robust root system. And the soil comes in contact with air at the sides of the grow bag. This stops the roots from growing and they don’t become root bound as they would in a normal pot
【GROW ON BAD SOIL】Growers with heavy soils may specifically choose these fabric smart bags as a means by which they are able to grow more successful crops of root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. If your soil isn’t quite up to par, using a grow pot can fix that. Much like a raised bed or container, you can grow plants in a looser, healthier soil.
【SUPER PRACTICAL】 lightweight, durable and reusable. This means that you can quickly and easily pick them up and move them around whenever you need to.The aeration grow bags also fold up for easy compact storage which means there are no more unsightly stacks of unused pots getting around between growing seasons. You just take out the plants, empty the grow bag, clean it out, then fold it up & pack it away until next season.

Material:Felt 400gsm

Package Content:
5* Grow Bag