120PCS Eyelet Installation Set Punch Leather Tarp Tenant DIY Eyelet Tool set

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Very Easy To Use: complete kit make the installation more easy. firstly use the punch tool to cut a hole on tarpaulin, then take on the eyelet kit, finally use the fastened tool to fasten well the eyelet kit.

Features Snap Fix Eyelets: no special tools are required. this ring make the eyelet ring slide smooth and protect the curtain rod.

Widely Applications: provide an economic solution for repairing canvas, tarps, tents and pool coverings, good for shoes/shoelaces, clothing, crafts works etc

Installation tools: including 3 install tools, the punch tool can be applied to poke a hole on the leather craft, leather straps, clothing, then hammer it to push the 2 parts of grommets together.

Material: metal
size : Outer diameter 10mm inner diameter 6mm

Package include:

120 x Eyelets

3 x Install Tools