100% Genuine Sheepskin Lambskin Chair Pad Seat Pad Cover 37cm Bear Design Kids

Manufacturer: Austroc Sheepskin
Old price: $35.99

Instant softness to your seat! Thanks to the wool’s natural qualities,This chair pad stays cool and dry in the summer and warm
in the winter. Perfect for long dinners together with family and friends, or out door seating.


* The perfect cozy, soft and stylish sheepskin offers luxurious ultra-soft comfort and easy-to-design styling.

* 100% Sheepskin, Suede backing

* Sheepskin Wool Material

* Adds texture to any room

* Naturally insulating

* Cool in summer; warm in winter

* 100% AUS/NZ sheepskin/Lambskin

* Dry clean Recommend


1. Color may vary a little bit as this is natural product


* Length 37cm

* Colour: Multi coloured

Package Contents

* 1 x Sheepskin Chair pad Bear Design