100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls Hand Made Engergy Saving 1000 Loads 6 BALLS With TeaTree Essential Oil

Manufacturer: Austroc Sheepskin
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Save energy and reduce drying time.Wool acts as a natural fabric softener, softening your laundry without the need for chemicals. Great product for sensitive skin and with less chemical exposure.Plastic dryer balls will eventually soften and lose their ability to soften and dry clothes. Wool dryer balls can simply be recharged and reused again and again.


*100% Natural Wool

*Energy Saving Absorb Moisture

*Alternative to Fabric Softener

*Easy to use

*Last for 1000 loads

*Helps to reduce wrinkles and static

*Each ball measures approximately 6cm diameter

Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to each ball and bounce them around make sure the oil has soaked in to avoid stain on your fabrics. Enjoy the benefits of the subtle essential oil on all of your laundry for weeks to come!
* Eseential oil Must Read,
Do not use undiluted essential oil on skin.
Keep Children  out of Reach
Avoid Contact with eyes
Keep  Out of Sunlight


1. 100% Handcrafted, Each item may sligtly vary in size and color.


* Diameter: 7CM+

* Colour: White

Package Contentss

* 6 x Wool Balls

* 1x 10ml TEA Tree Essential Oil